About CORE

CORE is an independent consulting firm specialized in competition law and regulation. At CORE, we focus on providing expert guidance and strategic solutions in the complex realm of competition law and regulation. With years of experience under our belt, we offer tailor-made advice on a full range of competition/antitrust matters, including merger control, cartel, and dominance investigations, as well as regulatory compliance.

Through our dedicated network of experts, comprising some of the finest legal minds and industry specialists in Türkiye, we provide advice firmly grounded in a profound understanding of specific industries, enabling us to deliver commercially insightful solutions for the competition law and regulation-related issues our clients face.

Clear communication is at the CORE of our approach, ensuring that our guidance is straightforward, easily comprehensible, and actionable for our clients.

We operate based on our CORE principles of transparency, integrity, agility, and impact. Explore our website to discover more about our range of services and what sets CORE apart.